The Septic Tank


Learn How to Properly Maintain Your Septic System

The size of your home's septic tank will depend on the number of bedrooms your home has. The average three-bedroom home will have a 1,250-gallon tank, and the more bedrooms your home has, the larger your tank will be. However, smaller homes or older homes may only have a 1,000-gallon tank.

What Happens When Water Enters the Tank?

  • The water flows into the tank through the inlet baffle
  • Three layers form in the middle section of the tank
  • Water is cleansed of bacteria and solids

Learn What Happens When Mistreatment Occurs

When your septic system isn't maintained properly, solids from wastewater coming from your home can overflow into the surrounding areas or into system's other parts, causing backup and malfunctions.

Why Should You Maintain Your Septic System?

Think of your home's septic system being just as important as your car's engine. If it doesn't work properly, everything is at a standstill. Keeping your home’s or business’s septic system running properly is important to the overall health of your property. There are three main reasons to be aware of your septic pumping and maintenance. They are:
  • Money: the longer you go without regular maintenance, the more likely you will need complete replacement services in the future
  • The health of your family and community: wastewater that isn't treated properly can lead to health risks and contaminate soil and groundwater
  • Property value: a failing or improperly maintained septic system can lead to devaluing of your property
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