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Schedule your septic system cleaning service and get the inspections and maintenance it needs. A clean system means a healthy home, property, and wallet. You can prevent unwanted messes and damage when you call the professionals at Southern Septic.

Why get your septic system inspected?

When buying a new property so the buyer can determine whether the septic system is functioning properly. A certification letter may be required by the mortgage company to obtain a new loan or financing.

What should the inspection cover?

Our experienced technician will observe the property features and topography that may impact the septic system. This includes surface drainage patterns, pavement locations, and plantings near the drainfield. A wet or mushy area in the yard may indicate a problem with the drainfield. The homeowners water usage can help determine whether there is more water going into the system than it was designed to accept.

The technician will open the lid to the septic tank and determine the size of the tank, the construction material and the integrity of the tank. He will note the appearance of the wastewater inside and whether it is at the proper level. Water that is too high, too low or shows evidence of either of these conditions in the past may indicate a problem. Foreign objects that could impair the system may be observed. The baffles and filters inside the tank will be checked to make sure they are in proper position and are not damaged or plugged.  

A working system should have the wastewater separated into three layers: the scum layer, the clearer liquid middle layer that flows into the drainfield and the sludge layer at the bottom consisting of heavy solids. The technician will measure the depth of the scum and the sludge layers. If these layers are too thick solids from the tank could be entering the drainfield. In order to do a thorough inspection the tank will need to pumped at time of the inspection.

A home that has been vacant can present a challenge. Since there has been no wastewater entering the system, the drainfield will have dried out and signs of a failing system will not be available to determine if the system is functioning properly.

The inspection assesses the current condition of the system. This gives the homeowner information upon which to base expectations of future performance, but an acceptable inspection report does not imply a warranty.

Conserve Your Water Usage

Conserve water and prevent damage. In between routine inspections and maintenance, cut down on your water usage to prevent solids from escaping.

If your home's system is not up to the mark, get in touch with us. Don't wait to get the repairs and replacements your septic system may need.
Septic tank

Avoid Disposing These Products in Your Septic System

  • Pet waste (Cat Waste)
  • Medications
  • Grease
  • Baby/Adult Diapers
  • Baby Wipes
  • Feminine Care Products
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Garbage
  • Pesticides
  • Disinfectants
  • Acids
  • Bleaches
  • Paint or paint thinner
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