Septic Pumping


Let Our Experts Keep Your Septic Tank Running Efficiently

Regular septic tank pumping helps ensure the proper maintenance and long-term functioning of the entire on-site septic system. The septic tank should be pumped out every 3 to 5 years, given normal household water usage. For all your septic pumping service needs, turn to the experts at Southern Septic.

Avoid Backups With Regular Pumping

Pumping the tank helps prevent sludge and scum from flowing out of the septic tank and into the secondary treatment system. Proper tank cleaning refers only to remove all the solids and scum from the tank by pumping, not by any other means.

Septic systems last longer if they are pumped regularly. Bacteria convert most of the solids to liquids but some solids remain. If the solids fill the tank, the field lines will clog, and the system will need replacement. Preventative maintenance is cheaper than necessary repairs. Regular pumping is critical to the life of a system.
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